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Kenyan Men Left In Tears After Spy Queen, Jane Mugo Said Yes To Marrying Lover Of 4 years.

City Detective, Jane Mugo is officially off the market as she is set to get married to her lover whom she has been dating for the last four years.

Taking to her Facebook account, Mugo said that she is ready to get married adding that even the mighty falls in love.

She said;

God i have never shared my love journey on social media but since I decided to encourage someone confess God fulfills his promise & found my perfect match Allow me.

May you protect this man .He may not be my first love, but he has made me become a better woman…my followers . May God give you true heart desires young, old,average .

If you are in a broken relationship or seeking true love. It exists .I remember secretly fasting & asking my church pray for this private man.This man is the other part of me.

God fearing, courageous, generous, agressive, intelligent , in security but very private.

Even the mighty falls in love @Kdf kenya continue fighting for our sovereignety your tough training & displine has build my Man.