“Next Nitapika Nzi Kilo Mbili na Nyoka” Kenyan Tiktoker ‘Aqu9ine’ who Ate Bat Says

A Kenyan TikToker, whose video of consuming a bat gained viral attention, recently expressed his ongoing commitment to exploring an array of unconventional foods for the amusement of his followers. Despite encountering peculiar side effects following the consumption of the bat, the TikToker remains resolute in entertaining his audience through the creation of videos featuring the ingestion of bizarre culinary items.

During an interview with Presenter Ali, the TikToker, known as the King of Mugokah and professionally employed as a plumber, shared insights into his burgeoning entertainment niche on TikTok. He conveyed that his videos, showcasing the preparation and consumption of peculiar foods with a camaraderie approach, have garnered millions of views on the popular social media platform.

The TikToker, who made headlines for eating a bat, disclosed that he typically prepares dishes based on fan requests, and currently, his list is extensive. Among the upcoming culinary adventures, he mentioned plans to cook 2 kilograms of house flies, a snake, and Ugali, a traditional Kenyan dish. He elaborated on his strategy for acquiring a snake and efficiently gathering house flies, emphasizing his dedication to fulfilling the numerous requests from his enthusiastic fans.

In a bold statement, he expressed, “Mimi kitu naogopa ni mungu tuu, na hakuna kitu siweziii kula mimi,” which translates to, “The only thing I fear is God, and there’s nothing I cannot eat.” He outlined his intention to purchase insect-repelling spray, specifically Doom, to eliminate flies before acquiring the required two kilograms. Additionally, he detailed his plans for hunting a snake, emphasizing the importance of satisfying the numerous requests from his dedicated fan base.

The TikToker acknowledged that, when experiencing side effects from his unconventional culinary choices, he turns to marijuana (bhang) for relief. Despite encountering peculiar reactions after consuming a bat, he asserted that nothing would deter him from continuing his culinary explorations. Notably, he revealed his intention to consume a rat, a squirrel, and cockroaches, further underscoring his unwavering commitment to pushing culinary boundaries for the sake of entertainment.