Revealed: See Photos Of The Ghanaian ‘Mganga’ Conning Relationship Starved Ladies Through Online Dating Sites.

A Man believed to be a Ghanaian national has been arrested by DCI sleuths after he conned Tala’s Senior Manager off the mobile lending Apps money undert a false pretense.

It is reported that the man identified as Victor Anane met the lady through a dating site where he had pretended to be a pastor and convinced the lady to get into a relationship with him with promises of getting her a promotion at her job.

“The Ghanaian introduced himself as a preacher who performs miracles and who would help the senior manager get promoted at her work place instantly.Further, he also promised to help in turning her fortunes around, if she fell in love with him,” read part of the DCI’s statement.

After dating for a while, the man invited the lady to his house in Athi River where she discovered that the man was not what he claimed to be.

“During her maiden visit to the self confessed preacher’s house, that she was shocked to find paraphernalia associated with witchcraft and magical rituals. What was meant to be a romantic date turned ugly, as the woman demanded to know how the man of the cloth she had fallen in love with, possessed paraphernalia associated with dark powers. Their relationship immediately collapsed like a house of cards, as the victim discovered that she had been conned,” the statement further inndicated.