”Simple Boy Ako Na Sura Mbaya Anakaa Scarecrow” Krg The Don Body Shames Stevo Simple Boy. -

”Simple Boy Ako Na Sura Mbaya Anakaa Scarecrow” Krg The Don Body Shames Stevo Simple Boy.

Krg the Don, a well-known and controversial Kenyan celebrity and dancehall artist, sparked controversy online by reigniting his feud with Stivo Simple Boy. Krg the Don resorted to body-shaming Simple Boy in response to the singer’s initial criticism of him.

Simple Boy’s post on social media was viewed as an attempt to gain attention. He expressed bewilderment at being tagged in Krg’s post, stating that he didn’t know who Krg the Don was. This was perceived as an insult, given the topic that was trending online, with many Kenyans claiming to be unaware of Krg’s music.

In response, Krg the Don launched an attack on Simple Boy during an interview with Nicholas Kioko. Krg stated that although he knew Simple Boy, he had never met him in person. He went on to say that Simple Boy was unattractive, resembling a scarecrow. Krg mockingly offered Simple Boy a job scaring away birds and animals on one of his farms since he was not suitable for any other employment.

Krg expressed his belief that Simple Boy had a long way to go and was still struggling to succeed since they had never met despite being in Nairobi. Krg warned Simple Boy that if he continued to insult him, he would put an end to his music career. He cited examples of other people who had criticized him in the past and claimed that they were now struggling in life.

Krg urged Simple Boy to show him some respect or face the consequences. He warned Simple Boy that he was just getting started and would not hesitate to retaliate.