Husband And His Wife Reportedly Found Dead Inside Their Toilet.

A 27-year-old Nigerian man, Ojo Blessing Akinro and his wife, Mary are dead.

The man and his wife, residents of Ondo State are said to have been found dead inside their toilet on Tuesday.

According to a source, Blessing was last seen on WhatsApp on Sunday, November 21.

A report of missing person(s) was then later filed only for the search to end at the couples toilet where they were found dead.

The source divulged that their Killers had murdered them and locked them inside their toilet.

“He was last seen online on WhatsApp on Sunday, November 21 at 11pm. A missing report was filed at the police station and detectives broke into their flat to find out what was going on only to find the couple dead in their toilet.”

“Apparently, their killers had murdered them and locked up them in the toilet. Their corpses have been deposited at the morgue,” a source said.