1-year-Jail Term For Anyone Found Blowing Their Nose Without A Handkerchief In Nairobi.

A new bill has been made into law in Nairobi where if one blows their nose without a handkerchief or tissue will risk being fined between Ksh 10,000 and Ksh 500,000 or an Imprisonment of between six to twelve months.

The new bill also applies to those caught urinating in undesignated areas, spitting on the streets, sleeping in Kitchens or food stores.

The laws are now contained in the Nairobi City County public Nuisance Bill, 2021.

The acting Governor, Ann Kananu said that Nairobi residents should take responsibility of their city and avoid being caught on the wrong side of the law.

“Nairobi is the face of Kenya. We all need a clean and hygienic environment to live and work in,” she said.

The new law also prohibits individuals from discharging dirty water, sewer or oil into roads or water channels.

“This is part of what we promised our great people of Nairobi. We must work round the clock to achieve this. A healthy environment is paramount to all of us,” Kananu noted.