Pastor’s MJULUS Relocates To His Forehead After Allegedly Chewing Kamba Man’s Wife

It’s an irony to expect a man of God to behave ethically but he behaves the opposite waycontrßntrary to how people expect him to be. Daudi Ng’anda, a 46-year-old pastor from Kisumu…CONTINUE READING

shocked a big gathering after his manhood relocated to his forehead for having slept with a wife to the deacon of his congregation.

Here is a full story.
This was an incident that happened three weeks ago that attracted mixed reactions from
residents of Kisumu. According to reliable sources, it’s however said that the controversial
pastor used to be a role model to the church until he did an unfortunate thing that shocked
many. A deacon whose name was unmentioned reveals that he started suspecting his wife had
started cheating and he was yet to identify the person.

“After being in a marriage with my wife for years, she abruptly changed for example she could
in most cases change her phone’s password once I get to know her, she used to sneak out of the
house to go and pick up calls among other things. I knew she had started cheating on me,” said
Deacon. The deacon claimed that one day as they were getting from the revival, his wife used
to remain behind and the reason for her to remain behind was unknown to him which made
him think about being cheated by his wife.

There was a “kesha” on Friday that his wife was to attend. He says he never accompanied her
to church but after a few minutes, he joined them to church only to find out that his wife was
missing from the church. He says he called her number but it was unreachable. “I went straight
to the pastor’s house after I noticed that he was also missing to know what was happening. I

was shocked when I heard the sounds from my pastor’s house saying ‘ingiza pole pole ni tamu
aki’ and another one from my pastor saying, ‘tukishikwa itakuwa aje”. I was almost running out
of my mind. Yaani pastor unanikulia bibi utajua hujui.” deacon lamented