Nairobi woman delivers mysterious Sh6M cash to Pastor Ezekiel

In a recent social media frenzy, a Nairobi businesswoman has ignited curiosity by presenting a sack filled with cash to the controversial pastor, Ezekiel Odero.

The incident, documented in a widely circulated video, has prompted numerous questions regarding the origin and purpose of the substantial sum of money.

The local businesswoman, commonly referred to as ‘mama mboga,’ claims to have come into possession of a significant amount totaling Sh6 million. She asserts that the money was handed to her by Nairobi’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) after it was discovered in her son’s car. Her son, employed as an Uber driver, had allegedly been targeted by CID officers who seized the amount in dollars, subsequently converting it into Kenyan currency, resulting in the substantial sum.

According to her account, the CID officers retained a portion of the converted amount for themselves and handed Sh6 million to her. She expressed apprehension about the potential association of the money with illicit activities.

“The dollars were found in my son’s car. He is an Uber driver. The CIDs went to the bank, and the money was converted to Kenyan currency, bringing the total to Sh10 million. They gave me Sh6 million and went with the remaining to their car, where my son was,” she narrated.

Faced with uncertainty and fear for her son’s safety, the distressed businesswoman sought solace and guidance from Pastor Ezekiel at the New Life Prayer Centre in Mombasa.

Filled with anxiety, she pondered the potential risks her son might face, given the enigmatic circumstances surrounding the money. “I do not understand why they gave me the money and went with my son. It could be that they left the cash so I could use it to buy a coffin and ferry my son’s body home; I just don’t know. That is why I did not enter my house with the money. The moment I received it, I embarked on a journey to Mombasa to bring it to the altar,” she explained.

Clad in her work attire, she embarked on a journey to present the money at the altar, seeking divine intervention and protection for her son.

Upon her arrival, Pastor Ezekiel inspected the money, comprising both Kenyan and Tanzanian currencies. He offered to safeguard the funds while the woman searched for information about her son’s whereabouts and well-being.

“This is what we are going to do. I will keep the money safe for you. Go and look for your son, know his location and health status,” Ezekiel assured her.

The pastor advised her to maintain honesty about the circumstances surrounding the money’s acquisition, emphasizing the importance of transparency and truthfulness.