Scammers using Trio Mio’s name to milk unsuspecting event organizers and upcoming artists

Scammers are exploiting Trio’s reputation to deceive unsuspecting event organizers and emerging artists, aiming to swindle their hard-earned money through two fraudulent Facebook accounts.

The expose came to light through an announcement by Irma Sakwa, Trio’s mother and manager, on her Instagram account. Irma expressed her disappointment after discovering that she had been blocked by these deceptive accounts.

She proceeded to share screenshots of the two accounts, revealing their significant following. The first account, titled “Trio Mio Official Mkurugenzi Wa Jiji,” boasts 165k followers, while the second account simply named “Trio Mio” has 11k followers. Together, they accumulate an astonishing 502 million and 2.8 million followers respectively.

Irma asserted that both accounts are operated by the same individual who has been scamming event organizers and aspiring artists on the platform. Despite her efforts to report the issue to Facebook, no action has been taken thus far. Irma emphasized that Trio does not have any presence on Facebook and urged caution among followers, warning them of the fraudulent accounts.

Irma Sakwa has demonstrated exceptional dedication as Trio’s manager, balancing his budding music career with his education. She played a pivotal role in securing Trio’s performance at the Safaricom Chapa Dimba edition in Dandora, Nairobi, where Trio credited her for brokering the deal. Irma was present at the event, providing invaluable emotional support alongside Trio’s siblings.

As Trio continues to make strides in his career, with upcoming performances in Central Kenya, Irma remains vigilant against fraudulent activities targeting her son’s reputation. She issues a stern warning against falling victim to con artists impersonating Trio online.