Pritty Vishy: Dad Alikuwa ‘Fisi’ ,I Call Him Bro because he had twa twa with my Mum’s Sister then dumped us.

Pritty Vishy is a highly controversial and bold female content creator in Kenya, known for her controversial statements and actions that often trend on social media. In a recent interview with a local channel, she revealed a dark secret from her past – her strained relationship with her biological father.

According to Vishy, her father abandoned her and her younger sister at a young age, after engaging in immoral behavior with her mother’s sister in front of the children. This event led to the breakdown of the family, and since then, Vishy has not had any contact with her father.

Vishy stated that whenever her father calls her on the phone, she refers to him as “bro” due to his actions as a “deadbeat dad.” She also mentioned that she does not want to associate herself with him anymore and has cursed him, saying that she will never need him again. She also added that if there is any dowry payment to be made, her mother will collect it, and she wants to have no connection with her father.

In conclusion, Pritty Vishy’s revelation of her dark past and her estranged relationship with her father has once again sparked controversy and sparked conversations about the actions of parents and their impact on their children’s lives.