Why Thee Pluto will never do a DNA test for his 2 daughters

It has been a challenging task to keep Baby Z, the daughter of Thee Pluto, away from the public eye. However, on Friday, July 7th, we finally had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this precious 8th-month-old baby, who is dearly loved by her family.

Thee Pluto is now fulfilling a promise by surprising everyone and revealing his daughter’s face to the public. In addition, he announced that he had purchased a piece of land in the Coast region as a gift for his daughter.

The couple did not plan to reveal Baby Z’s face so soon, as Felicity explained on his YouTube channel, “We hadn’t intended to do it at this moment.”

In their video on Sunday, July 9th, the couple discusses the aftermath of the face reveal.

“I know the face reveal caught you off guard. I want to give a gift to Zoey, my daughter. So, there’s gift number 1, number 2, and maybe we’ll have up to ten gifts,” Thee Pluto confessed.

He has been prayerful about this decision. “Every day, you should thank God for the gift of life and be grateful for what you have, because there are others who sleep on an empty stomach or have even less.”

The couple expressed gratitude for the overwhelming congratulatory messages. Thee Pluto explained the reasons behind their decision, suggesting that it may have been to prevent paparazzi intrusion.

“Sometimes, when I go to the supermarket, I have to cover her up so that people don’t see her. It’s just about hiding her because, as you know, in Kenya, you can become a trending topic for no reason. People could take pictures and share them publicly. Sometimes, we want to go out, have picnics, and there are people around. So, we felt a certain pressure, and revealing her face at this stage would help alleviate that pressure.”

Regarding demands for DNA tests, Thee Pluto said, “People might pressure you to go and get a DNA test done, but how would you explain that? And even if I were to do it, assuming it turns out that someone is not my child, what happens next? Will I stop supporting them? I appreciate Mama Zoey for not succumbing to that pressure.”

(Note: I made some minor edits to improve clarity and grammar in the original text.)