Babu Owino’s carelessness at the airport causes two JKIA staff to lose their jobs

Babu owino

Looks like SONU chairman, Babu Owino, has brought with him more harm than good
in the  past few weeks. Rumour has it that, Paul Ongili a.k.a Babu Owino is responsible for  the recent cases that have seen students in Nairobi university get beaten and even some get stabbed all in the name of the oncoming sonu elections. It is just

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the other day in the news, through an interview at NTV with Larry Madowo, that we saw him pull out a fake transcript (full of Es and Ds) with an aim of embarrasing his fellow opponent who also happens to be vying for chairman seat in the oncoming  sonu elections

                       **Babu at an interview with Larry; where he pulled out the fake transcript**

Well, it seems that he hasn’t had enough of stepping on other peoples’ toes. Just recently his carelessness at the airport  saw two staff at JKIA get punished to an extent of one of them being fired.
This is how the story went down; Kenya airways through a letter dated   “20th 2015 March”  apologized to Babu owino. As indicated by the letter two junior staff individuals from Kenya airways blocked

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 Mr. babu from loading up a plane from Nairobi to Kisumu, in light of the fact that he was conveying kshs 6.5 million in real money inside a Nakumatt supermarket paper bag.The two junior staff ended up being  punished.

Seriously, who in earth’s name carries large stacks of solid money to the airport…. especially in a paper bag!**** lets face it, the two junior staff got punished for simply doing their job!****

                   Here is a copy of the letter sent to sonu chairman Babu Owino :

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