From washing clothes to TikTok Sensation, the rise of Brian Chira

Brian Chira has experienced an extraordinary journey that thrust him into the spotlight, captivating audiences with his humorous TikTok videos.

From his modest beginnings, Chira’s path to fame has been nothing short of remarkable. During an interview with comedian Oga Obinna, Chira recounts the series of events that led to his viral sensation.

It all began on a fateful day in Ngata, Nakuru when Chira, feeling bored and having just earned 400 shillings from a laundry job, decided to purchase a bottle of liquor. It was around 3 p.m., and lacking friends to hang out with, he found himself at a wines and spirits store, observing passing cars as he sipped on his drink.

As fate would have it, Chira happened to be at the right place at the right time—witnessing an accident. Recognized by passersby, he was pushed in front of a camera to provide an eyewitness account, unwittingly setting off his meteoric rise to fame.

“I was unknowingly trending at that time. I didn’t even have a phone, imagine that. I saw myself on gossip sites and everywhere, and I thought to myself, ‘Oh, Chira, you’re trending today!'”

Without a phone of his own and oblivious to his newfound popularity, Chira was astonished to discover that he had become an overnight sensation.

The first video that propelled him into the spotlight showcased his unassuming charm, capturing the attention of countless viewers nationwide. Encouraged by the unexpected positive response, Chira wore a wig in his subsequent video to surprise and further engage his audience.

“In my next video, I wore a wig because I wanted to surprise Kenyans. I wanted them to think, ‘We’ve seen this guy before. Okay, we want to know who he really is.’ So, in that video, I introduced myself as Chira Brian Chira, and once again, it went viral.”

Embracing this newfound opportunity, Chira wholeheartedly dedicated himself to creating daily TikTok videos, relentlessly pursuing his dreams of establishing a career in radio and gaining widespread recognition.

Chira took the opportunity to address a common misconception: his videos often portray him as intoxicated, but this is not an accurate reflection of his daily life.

Regrettably, being labeled as the “drunk eye witness” has perpetuated this perception, overshadowing his genuine creativity and talent. While he may occasionally indulge in alcohol, it does not define him.

“I’m not always under the influence. It’s just the narrative that people have created, the stories circulated by blogs. If you were to Google me right now, I’d appear as the drunk eye witness. Everyone would assume that I’m always drunk because of that notion.”

Chira’s decision to pursue TikTok as a full-time endeavor was driven by both necessity and ambition. Struggling with financial constraints, he recognized the potential for monetization within the TikTok community.

“When I see other TikTokers making money and here I am, unable to pay for my education or support my cousins, it compels me to seize the opportunity TikTok presents. I aspire to become a household name in Kenya, to become the next socialite because that’s what I want to be.”

Determined to overcome financial obstacles and make a name for himself in Kenya, Chira poured his energy into creating multiple videos daily, hoping that one of them would go viral and bring him the recognition he yearned for.