Ngesh Comes Clean On Being A Lesbian 

The artist known as Mary Wangeci, popularly referred to as Ngesh, faced allegations of being a lesbian due to her tomboyish appearance.

However, Ngesh vehemently denied these accusations during an interview with Vincent Mboya.

When asked about her alleged LGBTQ membership, the emerging rapper expressed her complete ignorance regarding the meaning of the acronym, stating that she has no association with such matters.

Ngesh firmly stated that no woman has attempted to romantically pursue her, contrary to the rumors circulating on social media. She emphasized that her choice of clothing and style does not define her sexual orientation.

Moreover, during her conversation with Mboya, Ngesh openly revealed that she is currently in a relationship with a man residing in Naivasha, their hometown.

Ngesh is an integral part of the music group Spider Clan, which gained prominence last month following the viral success of their hit song, “Kaveve Kazoze.”

Comprised of four talented individuals, the Spider Clan includes Ngesh, Banguz, Nguzu, and Mosray.

Ngesh shares a familial bond with Mguzu and Mosray, as they are siblings. In a recent interview, the trio discussed their musical talents, attributing them to their shared DNA.

According to information shared with KTN, the Spider Clan members revealed their deep-rooted family background in the world of music.

“Mguzu is my sibling, and I am his brother,” proudly stated Mguzu, highlighting the strong bond between them.