Eric Omondi Reveals Upcoming Wedding With Girlfriend Lynne

Kenyan philanthropist and comedian Eric Omondi has announced his plans to marry his beloved partner, Lynne Njihia, in a traditional wedding.

In an exclusive interview with an online TV channel, Omondi shared his wedding plans and discussed their relationship. Lynne expressed her preference for privacy, stating that she chooses not to document her life on social media. She values their private moments and prefers to keep them off the internet.

Omondi mentioned that he is preparing to pay dowry for Lynne, emphasizing his commitment to cultural traditions. He revealed that he enjoys surprising people and intends to organize the event unexpectedly. Unlike many from the younger generation who often disregard the traditional practice of dowry payment, Omondi firmly believes in preserving his cultural heritage.

“I think dowry has changed with Gen Z—it’s not always about cows anymore. Some people prefer Range Rovers, others land and houses,” he remarked.

“My take is we should sustain and retain the traditional cultural dowry. It makes our country and culture beautiful. We will have a traditional ceremony because I am an elder,” he stated.

This announcement follows Lynne’s recent revelation about what attracted her to Eric. She recounted an instance where his selflessness stood out—he offered her his shoes during a shoot, an act that deeply impressed her.