“Naweza Mhug For 10mins”: Brian Chira Expresses his Undying Love For Andrew Kibe

Brian Chira, a digital content creator, has created a buzz on the internet by openly expressing his deep admiration for Andrew Kibe, a former Kiss FM journalist and Vlogger. In an exclusive interview with fellow content creator Nicholas Kioko, the controversial TikTok star, Brian Chira Wambui, shared that Andrew Kibe has played a significant role in his journey as a content creator.

The revelation of Chira’s intense affection for Andrew Kibe surprised online users. During the interview, Chira expressed that if he were to meet Vlogger Andrew Kibe, he would gladly embrace him for a remarkable 10 minutes.

Speaking to Nicholas Kioko, Chira acknowledged that he has come to terms with the public’s reactions and understands that he cannot control people’s thoughts or perceptions.

“I love Andrew Kibe. If I happen to meet him, I can hug him for 10 minutes because he is a content guru. He speaks candidly; he’s not one to beat around the bush,” Chira stated.

Chira, known for dressing in a feminine manner during his live TikTok shows, has faced scrutiny in Kenya, where some have linked his attire to assumptions about his sexual orientation. Several months ago, comedian Mulamwah reportedly declined to take a photo with Chira to avoid any association with the LGBTQ community, according to online sources.

Aside from controversies surrounding his dressing style, Brian Chira has found himself entangled in various offline and online scandals, some of which led to his arrest. In a recent incident, he went live on TikTok and defamed fellow content creator Azziad Nasenya, resulting in his arrest and subsequent release on bail in late 2023. Chira has also faced online criticism for exposing himself during a live TikTok session.

Despite the challenges and the associations with the LGBTQ community, Chira has chosen to accept his reality and live with it. He recounted moments of emotional distress, sharing an incident where someone mistakenly identified him as a gay individual. However, he emphasized his decision not to constantly seek approval or alter people’s opinions about him.

“I cry sometimes; imagine I go somewhere just to sell my content, and someone says, ‘there goes that gay guy.’ But one thing I remind myself is that I cannot always try to change people’s opinions about me; I just let them talk,” he disclosed in an interview with Kalondu Musyimi.

In his conversation with Nicholas Kioko, Chira reiterated that he has embraced his situation, recognizing that it is a part of who he is, and he has chosen to live with it.