“Utanioa Lini?” Zuchu asks Diamond’s Plans to Marry Her, During a Live Performance

Tanzanian songstress Zuhura Othman, better known as Zuchu, sparked speculation about her relationship status with Diamond Platnumz during a recent live performance. The duo, whose rendition of the beloved ballad “Mtasubiri” on April 16th set hearts aflutter, engaged in a playful exchange that caught fans’ attention.

In a video broadcasted on Wasafi TV, Zuchu and her mentor Diamond sat side by side, serenading the audience with their song. Amidst the harmonies, Diamond teasingly questioned Zuchu, “Do you love me, Zuchu?” Her swift response of ‘Yes’ was met with further jest as Diamond queried, “Do you desire me too?” to which Zuchu confirmed her affection.

However, it was Zuchu’s unexpected lyrical alteration that stirred excitement among fans. Singing her part, she inserted a playful twist, asking Diamond, “Do you love me, do you want me too… When are you marrying me? Or are you just using me?”

The spontaneity of Zuchu’s question seemed to catch Diamond off guard, yet he appeared amused by the lighthearted banter. Encouraged by the audience’s energy, Zuchu turned to them, rallying support for her playful proposal. “I want all of you to tell him, ‘marry her, marry her,'” she urged, as the crowd enthusiastically echoed her sentiments with chants of “Marry her, marry her.”