How I managed to Win KSh 2m SportPesa bonus in two simple steps

One of the seven men who recently won heavy SpotPesa bonuses has spoken about his betting secret that he used to take home more than KSh 2 million.

Speaking exclusively, the man said he has been an active bettor on several platforms but big money had remained elusive.

“I started wagering over 10 years ago. It has been a profitable but journey but also with a few disappointments. However, everything changed after one of my friends who had scooped KSh 1 million bonus gave me a tip on how he manages to win the bets,” he began.

The man, who shared his story on the basis of anonymity, said his friend introduced him to Mugwenu Doctors who gave him a good luck spell for gambling.

He was requested to follow a few instructions before placing any bet so as to tap into the power of the betting spell. This spell influences a person’s choices and links them with a brighter future and destiny.

“It was just a few words that I was needed to speak after which I got an intuition of which team to stake on.

At first, I was sceptical, but I followed the steps and won KSh 150,000 in a multi-bet. My second bet was this SportPesa bonus of KSh 2 million,” he continued.

According to him, Mugwenu Doctors have advised him to take a little break from betting and focus on investing the cash he won.

After that, he can now pursue the giant KSh 300 million Jackpot.

“If I managed to predict 12 out of 13 games, I am sure I will get this big money and use it to change my life and that of my community,” he concluded.

This SpotPesa hero is not the first to be helped by Mugwenu Doctors. Recently, a man confessed how he was able to scoop KSh 10 million from Shabiki bet courtesy of Mugwenu Doctors.

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