Remember Former Tahidi High Actress Shish? See Her Amazing Transformation & Fashion Style ( PHOTOS)

Actress Shirleen Wangari, better known by her stage name “Shish,” has achieved widespread recognition for her performances as shrewd characters such as OJ’s wife in the hit TV series Tahidi High. She has branched out into other areas of her work and gained a large fan base thanks to her many talents.

Former Tahidi High Actress Shish
Former Tahidi High Actress Shish Photo Courtesy

After finishing high school at Tahidi, Shish has been actively pursuing an acting career in a variety of settings. In the end, she mustered the courage to go out on her own and launch her own production firm, which has since become a resounding success.

Shish has been cast as a major character in an upcoming dystopian thriller by Untitled Movies.

The film takes place in three different parts of Africa: Ghana in the west, Kenya in the east, and South Africa in the south.

Former Tahidi High Actress Shish Photo Courtesy
Former Tahidi High Actress Shish Photo Courtesy

The title, “Guatha,” means “nothing” in shoptalk. This is a huge break for Shish as she develops her skills and expands her horizons.

The film “Wavamizi,” which Shirleen co-produced, won an award at the prestigious 2021 Durban Film Shop and gained international attention in September 2021.

The film is a major undertaking for Shirleen because it explores the period of Portuguese rule in Mombasa and depicts the rise of the local community to power under the leadership of the Ruler’s son.

Former Tahidi High Actress Shish Photo Courtesy

Shish has gone through a stunning metamorphosis from the shy and timid girl we first saw on the Tahidi High program to a confident and skilled performer and producer.

Her most recent body of work is photographic evidence of her continuing development as a professional.

Photo Courtesy

 The photos clearly shows how the actress lifestyle changed with time from schooling to adulthood where she seemingly started putting on clothes of her choice.