‘Cutest Nduthi Rider’ King Tizian , Shares How Fans Pay Him Ksh.10,000 for TikTok Replies

In a recent interview, King Tizian, a rapidly emerging TikTok sensation from Kenya recognized as the most charming Bodaboda rider in Nakuru and the entire country, shared details about the generosity of some of his devoted fans. According to him, a number of supporters willingly contribute Ksh.10,000 as a token of appreciation for his responses to their comments.

Despite facing criticism for the speed of his success, King Tizian, who has amassed a significant following on TikTok, highlighted the unwavering support he receives from his dedicated fans. His TikTok earnings have already reached the millions, with the highest single amount being Ksh.800,000 attained in less than four hours. Tizian acknowledged the mix of admiration and negativity that accompanies his journey to fame.

Responding to accusations of arrogance, King Tizian clarified that misconceptions arise because not everyone fully understands him. He expressed gratitude for the substantial support from his fans, recalling instances where they voluntarily paid him, such as a spontaneous fan who generously offered Ksh.10,000 simply for a TikTok reply.