“Mbona Hamnichori?” Pritty Vishy Wonders After Fan Tattoos Mungai Eve’s Face On His Chest

Content creator, Pritty Vishy, and singer Eve Mungai have been in the spotlight recently due to a fan tattooing Mungai’s face on his chest. Vishy questioned why no one was getting her face tattooed and jokingly asked if her head was too big for people’s chests. Mungai expressed appreciation for the love but doubted if the tattoo was actually of her face. Several netizens also expressed doubts and advised the fan to seek out a better tattoo artist.

In other news, Vishy has been making waves on social media with her stunning photoshoots, revealing that her net worth has increased significantly. She has set her dowry at Ksh. 10 million and suggests that suitors who want to bring cows should instead buy her a car. She claims to be a great cook and skilled at massages, among other qualities. Prospective suitors must be well-moneyed, respectful, and God-fearing.

Vishy rose to fame due to her relationship with Kibera rapper Stevo Simple Boy, and after their breakup, she became a fixture in the Kenyan social scene and launched her YouTube career. Despite being the target of odd social media jokes, she claims they no longer bother her.

Regarding the tattoo incident, while Mungai and others expressed doubts about the tattoo, the fan who got it says he has no regrets. Meanwhile, Vishy’s high dowry demand and unique qualities may make finding a suitor a challenging endeavor, but she is confident in her self-worth and standards.