Shock as Busia Child Dies Immediately After Husband Said, ‘Wacha Alilie Hapo Akufe Tutaenda Kuzika!'” -

Shock as Busia Child Dies Immediately After Husband Said, ‘Wacha Alilie Hapo Akufe Tutaenda Kuzika!’”

Sharon Adhiambo, a 25-year-old woman hailing from Busia, recently reached out for a chance at reconciliation with her husband, Elikana Koech, during a broadcast of the Patanisho show. The program, hosted by Gidi Ogidi and Ghost Mulee, provided her with a platform to address the issues that had driven a wedge between them in February of this year. This discord followed the tragic loss of their young child.

Sharon recounted that the deterioration of their three-month marriage commenced the previous year, following the heart-wrenching burial of their infant son. She noted that this year marked the escalation of their problems. Grief-stricken by the loss of their three-month-old child in August of the prior year, their relationship took an adverse turn. Seeking solace, Sharon chose to reside with her siblings in Eldoret. Subsequently, she embarked on a work opportunity in Mombasa, which has now concluded. With this chapter closing, she expresses her desire to mend her marital ties.

In her account, Sharon revealed that after the demise of their child, Mr. Koech’s behavior turned aggressive, prompting her to leave their home. The grief seemed to have fueled accusations against her for using methods to prevent conception. Despite their attempts to conceive again, their efforts proved futile. Adding to her distress, Mr. Koech’s brother directed hurtful messages towards her on social media, asserting her inability to bear children. Sharon sensed a manipulative force behind her hesitation to return to her marital home. She maintained her innocence, highlighting that she had entrusted their eldest child to Mr. Koech’s elder brother without any issue. Despite their separation, she maintained contact with their child through regular Sunday conversations.

Sharon disclosed an unsettling incident that occurred prior to their child’s death, suggesting a possible connection to the tragic event. She recalled a disturbing conversation where Mr. Koech seemed callous about the infant’s cries and even mentioned the possibility of letting the baby perish. Sharon’s maternal instincts led her to seek medical attention for the child, who unfortunately passed away soon after.

Expressing her resolve, Sharon affirmed her wish to restore their marriage, despite the challenges they’ve faced. Her motivation stems from her limited alternatives. She conjectured that Mr. Koech’s elder brother might be influencing his decision to withhold reconciliation. Drawing on financial dynamics within Mr. Koech’s family, she noted a pattern of support tied to monetary circumstances.

However, the endeavor to facilitate this reconciliation faced hurdles when Mr. Koech couldn’t be reached due to his phone being switched off. Given an opportunity to address him directly on air, Sharon conveyed her forgiveness for any wrongdoings and beseeched him for forgiveness as well. She conveyed her profound love for him and their child.

In conclusion, Sharon’s heartfelt plea for reconciliation following the loss of their child underscores her longing for healing and restoration within their strained relationship.