Born & Buried Alive In Machakos When ONE Day Old, 5 Beautiful Photos Of President William Ruto Adopted Daughter, Nadia Cherono

William Ruto, the Deputy President, embraced Nadia as a cherished member of his family and bestowed upon her the name Cherono in homage to his mother. Nadia’s journey began when she was only a day old, born and subsequently laid to rest in Machakos.

The Deputy President recounted how Nadia’s poignant story unfolded after she was forsaken as a newborn but miraculously rescued by compassionate nuns who brought her to the Ippolita Children’s Home five years ago.

“I was profoundly moved by Nadia’s narrative – a story of a child unearthed, her tiny body in an advanced state of decomposition, abandoned at birth, and nurtured by the caring nuns at Madre Ippolita Children’s Home. It was then that I decided to bestow upon her the name Cherono, as a tribute to my late mother, and welcomed her into my family,” he declared.

The heartwarming account of Nadia Cherono, who became the adopted daughter of Deputy President William Ruto, deeply touched the hearts of many Kenyans. Examining the recent photographs of Nadia, one can see a thriving and cheerful young girl.

Nadia is one of the six children in the Ruto family, which includes Nick Ruto, June Ruto, Stephanie Ruto, Charlene Chelagat Ruto, and George Kimutai Ruto. Recently, during the General elections, Nadia accompanied Ruto to the Bomas of Kenya, where he was officially declared the president-elect.

On this significant occasion, Ruto’s wife walked gracefully behind him, radiating elegance as she held his hand. The couple donned matching white and yellow attire, with the young Nadia sporting a simple school uniform, adding to her overall charm.

Rachel, Ruto’s wife, adorned herself with a yellow necklace and earrings, her hair styled in a charming afro, beaming with pride. She has been a valuable asset to her husband’s campaign, effectively mobilizing women to vote in his favor.