UHURU financed WAJACKOYAH to steal my show when I launched my manifesto – DP RUTO says.

William Ruto has blamed the media for being one-sided in its coverage during the launch of his manifesto at KICC on June 30.

Talking at KTN News on Thursday, Ruto said he had to share TV broadcast with Roots party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah regardless of having set the date before.

He said the state, under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta, funded Wajackoyah to steal his show and the one-sided media fell into the snare of the deepstate.

“On that day of the manifesto launch, a fellow (Wajackoyah) was parachuted so that we share the screen, which again speaks to the same narrative of a biased media,” Ruto said.

On whether he will go to the Presidential debate, Ruto said his party will make the right decision when the right time comes.

“I have not said I will not show up. But for heaven’s sake is it too much to ask the media to be balanced?

“I thought every media prides itself in being fair and objective,” The DP said.