Trio Mio Mother reveals ” Wamama Wanamtumia Video na Picha Chafu ” Wanamtaka!!

Kerion Mwiathi Alias Trio mio is a popular kenyan youth musician and entertainer who is known for her hit songs at a young age .

Recently on an interview With Mwalimu Churchill Kingangi trio’s mom took to reveal that numerous girls and women are trying to hit up on his under 18 son .

She revealed that she is her manager and she deals with all her social media pages including Twitter , Facebook , Instagram and Whatsapp . She claims that the majority of Trio’s followers don’t know about it .

Moreover she said that she has seen the most
disgusting nasty videos and photos from Trio’s female fans . She said they Pray for her much as he can be tempted to engage on bad behaviors at a tender age considering he is only turning 18 years old this year .