“Kuoga Na Kurudi Soko” Edday Nderitu Says, Revealed She ls Following Steps Of Kiengei’s wife Keziah

Edday Nderitu, the spouse of the renowned police officer and Kikuyu Mugithi maestro, Mr. Samuel Muchoki Ndirangu, widely recognized as Samidoh, has been a prominent figure in the shadow of her husband’s limelight. Samidoh’s influence has been felt strongly in Kikuyu music and live performances, maintaining a dominant presence over the past decade.

Despite her husband’s fame, Edday has consciously chosen to lead a discreet life, steering clear of the public eye. However, she remains active on social media, using the platform to express her opinions on diverse subjects. Notably, she became embroiled in a contentious dispute concerning her romantic involvement with Honorable Karen Nyamu, a city lawyer and potential senator nominee, during an altercation in a Dubai hotel.

Acknowledging her preference for a private existence, Edday openly shared on her Facebook page that she draws inspiration from the life of Pastor Kiengei’s wife. In a candid admission, she stated, “If I lose this bet, ni kuoga tu na Kurudi Soko, I haven’t lost much.” These words reflect her pragmatic approach to life, embracing simplicity and resilience in the face of challenges.