"Kibaki Is My Grandfather" Bungoma Man Says As He Cries Uncontrollably Over Kibaki's Death Today -

“Kibaki Is My Grandfather” Bungoma Man Says As He Cries Uncontrollably Over Kibaki’s Death Today

Allan Makana from Bungoma County caused a scene at Parliament Building when he visited the place to view Mwai Kibaki’s body. He started wailing uncontrollably, claiming Kibaki was his distant grandfather. People from his village used to call him Kibaki.

Allan claimed Kibaki was his distant grandfather, and he was heartbroken by his demise. Allan wondered why Kibaki had to go so soon as he threw himself on the ground while moving in a circular motion.

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He believes he’s Kibaki’s grandson because people used to call him Kibaki in the village and he grew up with that mentality. The police tried to calm him down, but it wasn’t possible.

He then removed his shirt, forcing the officers to allow him to see his alleged grandfather for the last time. After the demise of a famous politician in Kenya, a similar scenario often happens where people claim they are related to the politician who passed away.

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Netizens online reacted hilariously, saying Kenyans are very funny and they will do anything to trend online.