Inooro TV’s Winrose Wangui Reveals Why She Divorced 59 Days After Getting Married.

Inooro TV News Anchor, Winrose Wangui has revealed why she called it quts on her new marriage life.

The beautiful TV queen revealed that her new marriage came tumbling down after a brief moment of happiness.

She divulged that as soon as she ended the marriage, her husband had a new lady a clear indication that he was still cheating on her even after getting her pregnant.

Winrose added that the divorce suffered her a blow stating that remembering what happened on that day gives her heartaches.

“On the 59th day, we called it quits. We realized we were not meant for each other. It was painful, but that was it. It is difficult to say who was the cause of our divorce. It is something I don’t like to talk about,” said Wangui.

“After I left out matrimonial home, he did not stay long before I was replaced by a woman, who I think is better than me.”

She has now regained herself growth and apart from being a celebrated media personality, she is the founder of Tunza Future Initiative based in Nairobi.