Ringtone Apoko: I Used To Have Twa Twa With 30 Women Daily

Ringtone Apoko has finally come out openly to speak about his dark past before becoming a gospel artist and deciding to follow Jesus and the word of God.

The Musician decided to speak about his past, after Eric Omondi alleged that he is among the gospel artists who are sleeping around with young women.

Eric said that Ringtone fakes alot and he pretends to be born again, yet daily he sleeps with three women. Eric said he has evidence to prove that Ringtone is immoral.

In his response Apoko said that he used to be an immoral person and back then, he used to glorify women and sex. The gospel artist revealed that he was very good in bed and daily he used to sleep with approximately 30 women.

This is something extraordinary, and if he did so, then he must be included in the Guinness world records. Apoko said that he decided to change his behaviours and decided to give his life to God. He has been very loyal to God and he is free from sins.

The musician also revealed that he has already find his perfect match, and very soon he will introduce his new girlfriend and wife to be. He said he is ready to settle and Kenyans should expect his wedding this year.