Tiktoker Ajib Gathoni Confirms Breakup With Boyfriend Josh Wonder -

Tiktoker Ajib Gathoni Confirms Breakup With Boyfriend Josh Wonder

It has been confirmed by content creator and dancer, Ajib Gathoni, that she is no longer in a romantic relationship with Josh Wonder. Rumours about their breakup had been circulating for some time, and in one of her videos, a fan asked Ajib to confirm whether it was a prank or not. Ajib responded by confirming that it was not a prank, and apologised to her fans who invested their emotions in their relationship.

The couple had started a YouTube channel together last year in November, which gained over 1.3k likes on their first upload. However, Ajib has informed her fans that they should not expect any new content on their channel, as they have decided to close it down.

Prior to starting their YouTube channel, the duo founded a clothing line called ‘Random Wears’ which also unfortunately had to close down. Despite these setbacks, Ajib’s limelight has been shining brighter, as she recently won the Pulse award for TikTok’s best Dancer Influencer for the second year in a row.

Ajib and Josh had met on Tik Tok and started creating content together while documenting their relationship journey. Although their romantic relationship has ended, their fans can still enjoy the two videos that are currently available on their YouTube channel.