Thief falls From The Roof Dies while breaking into an electronics shop in Mwingi Town

Earlier this morning, tragedy struck an electronics shop in Mwingi Town when the lifeless body of a middle-aged man was discovered within its premises. Mulinge Kituo, the shop owner, arrived to open his establishment around 7:15 am only to find the grim scene awaiting him.

Promptly, he notified the authorities stationed at Mwingi Police Station, who swiftly responded. The unidentified man’s body was then transferred to the morgue at Mwingi Level 4 Hospital, pending further investigation and a subsequent postmortem examination.

Analysis of the shop’s surveillance footage painted a grim picture of the events leading to the man’s demise. It revealed that the intruder had forcibly entered by cutting through the roof and wooden ceiling, ultimately losing his balance and plummeting headfirst to the ground below.

Despite surviving the initial fall, the intruder’s condition rapidly deteriorated. He was observed coughing intensely for approximately ten minutes before succumbing to his injuries, his life slipping away around 11:40 pm.

Samson Kitui, another proprietor of an electronics store in the vicinity, recounted a recent spate of thefts plaguing the area. He mentioned an incident captured on CCTV where another individual attempted to steal a refrigerator from a neighboring shop, narrowly escaping apprehension.

“The scourge of theft has reached alarming levels,” lamented Kitui. “Just last week, we witnessed another brazen attempt. A young man was caught on camera trying to pilfer a fridge from a nearby store, yet he managed to evade capture.”