Story of a Kenyan Man Who Quit a Bank Job to Sell Pencils in Nairobi City -

Story of a Kenyan Man Who Quit a Bank Job to Sell Pencils in Nairobi City

Edgar Otieno is a remarkable and daring young man who left a lucrative corporate job to become a street hawker in Nairobi. His decision shocked many, but he saw it as an opportunity to apply his sales expertise in a different setting. Despite the negative perceptions that many people have of street hawking, Otieno saw it as a chance to showcase his skills as a salesperson. He woke up every day, dressed impeccably like a corporate officer, and hit the streets to begin his day.

Otieno’s decision to become a street hawker surprised many of his colleagues at Barclays Bank (now ABSA), where he had been employed before resigning. Some wondered why a man with a banking background would leave a well-paying job to sell pencils on the streets. However, Otieno had a simple answer: “In sales, people buy the seller before buying the product.”

Otieno’s ability to dress impeccably and speak multiple languages has won him numerous clients. He has learned basic phrases in different languages to make his clients feel comfortable and trust him. Despite the misconceptions that many people have about his job, Otieno is proud of what he does and sees it as an opportunity to exercise his flexibility and pursue his interests, such as education and farming. He has even enrolled in a diploma course in social work to improve his skills.

Otieno’s story is a testament to the fact that one can succeed in any field with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. His willingness to take risks and adapt to new environments has enabled him to become a successful street hawker and inspire others.