Any new voter in Kisii will be given a bottle of soda- MP Simba Arati Promises.

The Dagoretti North MP Speaking on Sunday said that any new voter within Kisii will be awarded with a bottle of soda.

Arati who is eyeing the Kisii County Governorship position under an ODM ticket has been on a charm offensive to lure more voters from Kisii into his band wagon.

“As from next week, anyone who registers as a new voter or anyone with a voter’s card will be passing through here and get a bottle of soda,” said the politician who had already announced that he will be quitting city politics.

He said that the move will help in registering new voters so as they can elect leaders who haver their best interests at heart.

He added that he will be conducting a name search for registered voters and as soon as it is confirmed, they will be gifted a soda instantly.