Pesa Otas! Vera Sidika Brags How She Pays Her 2 House Help ksh 40,000 Each As Much As Corporals In Kenya Police

Socialite Vera Sidika relies on the assistance of two dedicated house helps to care for her one-year-old daughter, Asia Brown. During an engaging Questions and Answers (Q&A) session with her fans, the single mother shared insights into her childcare arrangements.

Vera disclosed that she compensates each of her nannies with a monthly salary of Ksh40,000, a figure closely mirroring the earnings of a police corporal. Notably, a police corporal typically receives a gross monthly salary of Ksh42,660, while a sergeant earns Ksh45,540.

Emphasizing her preference for experienced individuals, Vera expressed a preference for nannies over the age of 40, deeming them the best fit for her needs. She cited concerns about potential mishaps with younger caregivers and reiterated her commitment to providing a salary exceeding Ksh40,000.

In response to inquiries and speculation about her search for additional help, Vera clarified that she already has two nannies and is not actively seeking more. Humorously recounting an incident where someone expressed a desire to become her nanny, she underscored her discerning approach to selecting caregivers. Vera concluded by asserting that the current duo of nannies is more than sufficient, dismissing the notion of expanding her childcare team to ten members.