” Stivo Ako na Sura Mbaya na Anakaa Scarecrow” Krg The Don Body Shames Stivo Simple Boy.

One of Kenya’s most renowned and divisive celebrities in the dancehall music scene, Krg the Don, stirred up controversy online by reigniting a feud with Stivo Simple Boy. The genesis of this clash can be traced back to Simple Boy initiating the verbal sparring.

In what appeared to be a pursuit of attention, Stivo Simple Boy posted a contentious message online, expressing confusion over being tagged in Krg the Don’s posts when he had no familiarity with the artist. This insinuated ignorance about Krg’s music, aligning with the prevailing sentiment among many Kenyans who claimed to be unfamiliar with Krg’s musical contributions.

As anticipated, Krg the Don retaliated against Stivo. During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Krg asserted that while he is acquainted with Stivo Simple Boy, they have never crossed paths in person. Krg went on to make disparaging remarks about Stivo’s physical appearance, likening him to a scarecrow. He facetiously suggested that the only employment opportunity he could extend to Stivo would be on one of his farms, tasked with scaring away birds and animals harming his crops.

According to Krg, Stivo has a long journey ahead, implying that he is still struggling to make a name for himself in Nairobi. Furthermore, Krg issued a warning to Stivo, cautioning that continued insults could bring an untimely end to Stivo’s music career. Krg claimed a track record of dismantling the careers of those who criticized him, citing instances where individuals faced hardships after crossing paths with him. He implored Stivo to accord him respect or face the consequences, emphasizing that he was prepared to intensify his verbal assault.