Andrew Kibe, I Prefer Dating Diana Marua Over Kamene Goro,’Diana Marua Anakaa Tu Utamu’

Famed Kenyan celebrity critic Andrew Kibe, currently based in the USA, recently discussed his dating preference, favoring Diana Marua over his former co-host at Kiss 100, Kamene Goro. In a Q&A session on his YouTube channel, a curious fan prompted Kibe to choose between Diana Marua and Kamene Goro for a potential relationship.

Navigating the intricacies of the question, Kibe, known for his candid and occasionally derogatory remarks about both women, took a moment to carefully consider his response. Ultimately, he revealed his ideal choice: a woman with Kamene Goro’s posterior and Diana Marua’s body proportions from her younger days. However, when pressed to make a hypothetical choice between the two, Kibe decisively settled on Diana Marua as his preference.

Interestingly, Kibe chose not to delve into the specific reasons for not selecting Kamene Goro. It is noteworthy that Kibe has previously expressed criticism towards women with larger body sizes in his videos. His vocal preference for petite women with moderate body sizes aligns with his choice of Diana Marua over Kamene Goro.