“Tambia Mbaya!” Monkeys are Now Sucking Cows’ Milk While Grazing in Nakuru

Dairy farmers in Nakuru County have expressed their concerns to the Wildlife Services Agency about the nuisance caused by monkeys ambushing their cattle while grazing and depleting their milk supply.

According to reports in the Taifa Leo newspaper, these farmers have urged the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to remove these monkeys, which have caused significant losses. The farmers invest heavily in cattle feed and supplements to boost milk production, only to see their efforts consumed by the monkeys.

The farmers also face another issue involving thieves who expertly leap over fences surrounding their enclosures to silently milk the cows.

Small-scale farmers in the region struggle to hire guards to protect their livestock during the day, leaving their animals vulnerable to roaming.

Irene Wambere, a cattle and sheep farmer, explained that monkeys are highly intelligent animals and have learned to coexist with livestock, causing significant milk losses for farmers.

Edwin Warui, another dairy farmer, revealed that the monkey menace has rendered his dairy cows unprofitable.

Despite the farmers’ complaints, their pleas for assistance have gone unanswered, leading them to seek alternative methods to protect themselves from recurrent losses.

The monkeys in question reportedly escaped from Lake Nakuru National Park and infiltrate the enclosures to satisfy their thirst for the cows’ milk.