Ssaru: I’m Single Because Kenyan Men Fear Me and they cant afford My Dowry of 1.5 Billion.

Renowned Kenyan Gengetone rapper Sylvia Ssaru recently opened up about her relationship status, divulging details about her dowry and shedding light on the reasons behind the hesitancy of men to approach her.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, Ssaru shared that her dowry is currently not set at Ksh.1 Billion, emphasizing that her value is on the rise, making her a significant figure in Kenya. Ssaru proudly announced that her updated dowry now stands at Ksh.1.5 Billion.

The rapper explained that the high dowry reflects the blessing a man would receive upon marrying her. Ssaru considers herself a complete package, bringing financial independence, beauty, and a spirited personality that extends to her prowess in intimate matters.

Expressing her stance on relationships, Ssaru made it clear that she has no interest in a relationship with a financially struggling man. Given her level of success and lifestyle, she believes that being an understanding girlfriend is not feasible with someone who cannot match her financial standing. Ssaru expressed her preference for a wealthy partner who can afford and treat her well.

Ssaru addressed the common fear among men to approach her, attributing it to the perception created by her confident and bold persona, particularly in her music. She acknowledged that men often perceive her as arrogant and challenging, making it challenging for her to find a suitable partner. Contrary to these assumptions, Ssaru emphasized that she is a good person in real life and urged men to overcome their fears, shoot their shot, and take a chance. She reassured them that she is open to finding a meaningful connection but emphasized that financial stability is a crucial factor in her considerations.