6 photos of bold lady who took kanjo Askari on road trip after entering her car

In a recent Nairobi incident, a woman named Ntazola became embroiled in a heated dispute with a municipal officer, a situation that not only gained widespread attention but also resulted in the permanent suspension of her TikTok account.

Ntazola took to social media to narrate her distress regarding the encounter and its subsequent ramifications.

“My TikTok account has been permanently banned; here’s my new one,” she informed her followers, explaining the reason for the ban. She detailed how the incident unfolded when a municipal officer unexpectedly entered her car without her consent, prompting her to question his actions.

The unwarranted intrusion sparked a confrontational exchange, which was documented on video and subsequently shared across the internet.

Ntazola justified her reaction, stating, “When that man entered my vehicle without permission, I was merely attempting to park in the city. It wasn’t the first time he’d done it to me, and I’d had enough.” She underscored that her response was a consequence of the officer’s recurring behavior.

The video of the incident swiftly went viral, shedding light on the manner in which municipal officers handle such situations. The officer, taken aback by the sudden attention, sought to provide an explanation for his actions and pleaded for forgiveness.

However, Ntazola stood her ground, opting to transport the officer to her residence in Ngong town as a form of reprimand for his intrusion.

As a result of the incident and the video’s viral circulation, Ntazola’s TikTok account was permanently deactivated.

While expressing her disappointment, Ntazola remained steadfast in her resolve, sharing her ordeal with her followers and spotlighting the mistreatment that some individuals endure at the hands of municipal officers.

Additionally, Ntazola announced her decision to take a hiatus from social media due to the overwhelming attention that the video had garnered.