Mary Nkatha finally speaks on her relationship with Mike Sonko after the governor shared a video exposing her breast to kenyans.

Mary Nkatha has finally spoken about her relationship with former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko.

Nkatha who was speaking in an interview with Radio Jambo revealed that she got to know Sonko when she saved him from going to jail.

“I was not close to him until when he got to jail and one of his lawyers approached me to help him draft an apology letter to the President,” Nkatha said.

“If I was actually his informer, why would he fight me? You protect your informer.”

“Most of those videos from Sonko need to go for a forensic audit. I was held at gunpoint…all those videos…even the one I removed my breast…they were written on paper as I answered.”

“I was given a questionnaire where I was supposed to answer him when he calls..three men were holding guns,” Nkatha explained.

Few days ago, Sonko shared a video having a conversation with Nkatha and in turn showing the governor one of her breasts.