” Nitampea Camera” Andrew Kibe Asks’ Stivo Simple Boy to Sell Nudes on “Only Fans”

The captivating performance of Stivo Simple Boy in a recent drama caught the attention of renowned celebrity critic, Andrew Kibe. Fans eagerly shared the story of Simple Boy’s financial struggles despite his fame, prompting Kibe to share his thoughts.

Andrew Kibe, known for his sharp and often biting remarks, wasted no time in mocking Simple Boy. He expressed his opinion that Stivo appeared weak, as he relied on his wife to speak on his behalf. Kibe believed that Simple Boy should assert himself and avoid constantly seeking help.

Furthermore, Kibe asserted that seeking financial assistance, especially through online platforms, is not a suitable approach for a man. In his view, a man should exhaust all possible means to earn money, even considering unconventional methods such as street vending. According to Kibe, relying on others for support reflects confusion and weakness.

In an unconventional suggestion, Kibe proposed that Simple Boy and his wife should open an account on a platform called OnlyFans. This platform is known for sharing explicit content in exchange for payment. Kibe, though seemingly mocking, believed that Simple Boy and his wife could generate significant income through this venture. He even offered to help by providing them with a brand new camera for shooting high-quality videos. According to Kibe, joining OnlyFans could potentially provide a means for Simple Boy and his wife to improve their circumstances.

Alternatively, Kibe urged the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) to consider offering Simple Boy a job. By providing him with a steady monthly salary, this opportunity could facilitate a transformation in his lifestyle.

Overall, Andrew Kibe’s comments reflect a mixture of criticism, unconventional advice, and an offer of support for Stivo Simple Boy and his wife.