“Aliwaste Pesa Kulipia Madem Rent” Ringtone Narrates How DJ Mo Is A Serial Womanizer

In 2020, DJ Mo made an abrupt exit from NTV, leaving behind a cloud of controversy stemming from an infidelity scandal. His departure came in the wake of a cheating scandal when a young lady based in Bahrain exposed his extramarital affairs with explicit evidence of their interactions, including lewd photos sent by Size 8’s husband, which shocked many.

Fast forward to February 2022, DJ Mo found himself entangled in a clash with Ringtone during his wife, Size 8’s album launch at Panari Hotel. This incident unfolded as Size 8 dedicated her album to God alongside other pastors, and Ringtone publicly criticized her, prompting DJ Mo to have Ringtone forcibly removed from the premises.

Ever since the incident at Panari Hotel, Ringtone has not shied away from airing DJ Mo’s dirty laundry in public, causing embarrassment and humiliation to the renowned DJ.

During a recent interview with Dr. Ofweneke, Ringtone revealed that DJ Mo is a serial womanizer who lavished his earnings on extramarital affairs. He alleged that DJ Mo’s actions were rooted in his bitterness, as evidenced by his mistreatment of Ringtone at Panari Hotel due to the frustrations stemming from his own unfaithfulness.

“DJ Mo is evidently frustrated; he lost his job on TV. He was earning a significant amount, you know, when Bahati was in class eight, DJ Mo was earning 250,000 per month. He spent all his money on women. When he sees us progressing, he gets angry. He has many followers, but you know, followers don’t pay the bills. Followers don’t help when you’re hungry,” Ringtone stated.

Ringtone further explained that DJ Mo’s frustration arises from his squandering of wealth on women, while other artists who emerged after him have invested their money wisely. He pointed out that Size 8’s husband is still renting a home, whereas other artists like him have purchased mansions.

“Look at how DJ Mo used to behave. You can understand that he hasn’t started owning property; he’s still renting. The day he starts owning properties and has something to lose in society, he’ll calm down,” Ringtone added.

Ringtone clarified that he did not have a feud with DJ Mo prior to their confrontation at Panari Hotel. He even disclosed that he was the one who sponsored DJ Mo’s first trip to the United States when he set foot in America.

“I was the one who brought DJ Mo to America for the first time. He would never have made it to America if it wasn’t for me. Even Bahati would not have gone to America if not for me. I was invited to an event in America called the Talanta Awards, and I offered to bring along Alamba and Mo to represent me. I facilitated their travel and helped them obtain the necessary documents within a week. I have never heard them post anywhere, ‘Ringtone, thanks for getting us to America,'” Ringtone explained.