Barber Wa Taifa: Nakuru Based Barber Making Up To Ksh 12,000 Per Day -

Barber Wa Taifa: Nakuru Based Barber Making Up To Ksh 12,000 Per Day

Jimmy Jay, who is popularly known as Barber Wa Taifa, is a professional barber operating in Nakuru County. In an interview with Imagine Business, Jay revealed that he has had an interest in beauty since his high school days. Growing up, he lived near a barbershop and spent most of his free time there, watching the barber work. After completing high school, he decided to pursue his passion for beauty and become a barber.

Jay worked for five years before venturing into entrepreneurship and starting his own barbershop with two chairs and two shaving machines. He eventually moved to a new location and invested in additional equipment. In 2019, he opened his current shop after investing over Ksh 1 million in capital. His business has been profitable, and he is planning to expand to a bigger space to serve more clients.

However, Jay also faces challenges in his business. The high prices of beauty products sometimes force him to review shaving prices, and he also has to deal with rising costs of rent, water, and other expenses.

Despite the challenges, Jay remains passionate about his work and loves the fields of beauty, fashion, and design. He believes that he was meant to be a barber, and he is committed to providing quality services to his clients.