Krg The Don: After Spending Ksh.200K In Club I Woke Up With Nothing.

Renowned Kenyan musician and astute entrepreneur, Krg The Don, recently divulged insights into his extravagant spending habits, particularly in the realm of nightlife. In an exclusive interview with Jeff Koinange and Nimrod Nick, Krg The Don openly confessed to his penchant for revelry, emphasizing his affinity for luxurious club outings alongside his affluent circle of friends. Unfazed by the exorbitant sums he regularly expends, Krg The Don admitted to his unrestrained indulgence.

Reflecting on his birthday week festivities, Krg The Don recounted a particularly lavish soirée at one of Nairobi’s premier establishments, GTC. In a spontaneous gesture of celebration, he made it his mission to create a spectacle, generously splurging on the occasion.

A viral video captured the spectacle as Krg The Don gleefully showered the club with a cascade of currency, totaling a staggering sum of Ksh. 200,000. Undeterred by the ephemeral nature of his wealth, he embraced the transient thrill of the moment, depleting his funds in a single night of revelry.

The morning after, Krg The Don woke to find himself devoid of the previous night’s fortune. Yet, far from harboring regrets, he steadfastly maintains that expenditure on leisure and camaraderie holds no qualms for him. To him, money merely represents ephemeral tokens, readily acquired and effortlessly expended. Thus, he remains resolute in his philosophy, unwavering in his commitment to revelry and the pursuit of fleeting pleasures.