Nilifanyia nyuma ya plot –Boda rider forced to confess how he took advantage of a 7-year-old schoolgirl,(VIDEO)
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Boda rider confesses to taking advantage of 7-year-old schoolgirl,(VIDEO)

A heartless bodaboda rider from Thika was cornered by his fellow riders after he ‘abused’ a 7-year-old schoolgirl.

The rider had been sent by the young girl’s folks to pick her from Primerose Academy in Thika when he exploited her and destroyed her innocence.

A trending shocking video that has been circulating around the social platforms shows the rogue rider narrating how he lured the young girl and took her behind a residential plot, where he submitted the deplorable act.

To our dear parents its not too much to ask from your kid,Just go pick him/her from her school or drop them in the mornings, its only for a short while two years maybe?

If not so just send someone you trust to collect your child,Not everybody can be a parent in the wild we live in, What is your take on this?

Watch the shocking video below.