“Kifeee Amechoka Kunyonga Monkey Sasa Atajinyonga” Diana Marua

Diana Marua and Andrew Kibe’s ongoing feud has continued to escalate, with Kibe recently referring to Diana as a “shosh” (an old lady) after she accused him of being poor. Diana has expressed confusion as to why Kibe continually mentions her and appears to harbor bitterness towards her marriage to former gospel singer Bahati.

Kibe claims that Diana has never seen his Mercedes Benz S550, which is worth millions of shillings, and therefore believes that Diana’s comments about him are meaningless. Diana, however, has taken to her Instagram page to continue attacking Kibe, this time by involving his ex-wife. Many netizens feel that this move is not fair, as the woman does not deserve to be caught up in their feud.

Radio presenter Alex Mwakideu expressed his disappointment that Diana involved the ex-wife, who is likely living a quiet life raising her children. He stated that the ex-wife has not wronged Diana in any way and should be left out of their dispute. Pinky Shee also echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that Kibe is the one who has insulted Diana, not his ex-wife, who should not be dragged into their drama.

Miss K also weighed in, stating that Diana should not involve Kibe’s ex-wife in their feud. While acknowledging that Kibe is an unpleasant individual, she believes that his ex-wife should not be included in the dispute.

In conclusion, it is clear that involving innocent parties in a personal feud is not appropriate, and individuals should focus on resolving their conflicts without bringing others into the mix.