Afungue Server Niione kwanza!! Pastor Ngang’a Warns Men of Girls who wear Fake ‘NYASH’

In a recent message, Pastor James Ng’ang’a, a prominent figure in the Kenyan religious community, has called upon Kenyan citizens to stay vigilant. His sermon touched on the subject of body enhancements, specifically in women, and the complex dynamics of relationships.

Pastor Ng’ang’a expressed concerns about the increasing trend of women using various enhancements to make their bodies, particularly their derrieres, appear larger and rounder. He urged men to be more discerning when it comes to assessing the authenticity of such enhancements. In his own words, he advised men to request that the “server” be opened to verify the legitimacy of these attributes.

He stated, “Men, allow me to assist you. These features you observe in women are not always natural. Some resort to wearing undergarments to enhance their appearance. Therefore, when you are with a woman, do not hesitate to ask her to remove these enhancements (pads) to confirm their authenticity.”

In a separate incident, a TikTok video emerged, featuring Pastor Ng’ang’a addressing his congregation. In the video, he voiced his disapproval of first wives engaging in conflicts with their husbands’ side partners, commonly referred to as “mpango kando.”

He criticized the tendency of first wives to blame side partners for wrecking their marriages and advocated for a different approach. Instead of targeting the side partners, he encouraged addressing the underlying issues within the marriage.

He questioned the logic behind targeting side partners and remarked, “Your husband is the one at fault; he drinks ‘Coca-Cola’ – every time he sees a new woman, he wants to indulge. Will we kill all the women due to this one problem?”

The pastor continued to express his concerns about the state of relationships, suggesting, “Why not let your husband’s side partners keep their children?”

Ng’ang’a also criticized the first wives for blaming side partners, pointing out, “Why do you struggle to compete with a side partner when you are supposed to be the main one?”

He emphasized the need for introspection and understanding within relationships, asserting, “There must be something within you that needs addressing. This time, you’ll realize that these men belong to you. They are yours; this rain is falling on your territory, and there are more women than men.”

Pastor Ng’ang’a urged wives not to idealize their husbands but to recognize their human flaws, suggesting, “Do not think he’s an angel; he’s just a person who may need your assistance when he’s acting foolish. If you notice your husband has a particular issue, help him.”

Furthermore, Ng’ang’a emphasized that men should also take responsibility for their actions, suggesting that they, too, may have their share of shortcomings.