“She looks like a queen”: Baby who looks chubby goes viral because of her fat face

TikTok users have responded to a video featuring an adorable chubby baby, shared by the user @buihumyhl21 on the platform. The video captures the baby appearing plump and well-fed while being cradled in the arms of a woman presumed to be the mother. The setting is a bustling and crowded place resembling a market.

Observers in the vicinity couldn’t help but notice the child’s chubby cheeks, prompting many to reach out and touch them. Some took out their phones to record videos of the chubby baby. Upon viewing the video, social media users were divided in their reactions. While many admired the child, expressing sentiments of endearment, others voiced concerns about her size. Some struggled to find words to describe the baby, likening her to a queen.

The comment section was filled with a variety of responses to the charming chubby baby. For instance, @Motivational Chinese Beaver humorously remarked, “She over stayed at grandma’s place.” @nawar.oc playfully dubbed the baby “Thats the dragon warrior.” @cyro expressed concern, stating, “She is not happy.” @Alligeta Man made a reference to the character from “Journey to the West,” saying, “His father is one of the characters in journey to the West.” Even @Baby bwoy admitted, “I thought it was a doll.”