” Tangu Kiptum Akufe Huwa Nahisi Baridi Sana Nalala peke Yangu” Edna Reveals.

The untimely passing of Kelvin Kiptum has profoundly affected Edna Awour, his purported girlfriend and the mother of his child. This 22-year-old woman has been opening up about the depth of her connection with the late Kiptum and the significant role he played in her life.

In an interview with Tuko, Edna disclosed that she and Kiptum had numerous plans together, including the prospect of marriage, where she would become his second wife. Despite being aware of Kiptum’s existing marital status, Edna commended his wisdom in efficiently managing his time.

According to Edna, they shared a considerable amount of time, particularly after training sessions. Kiptum would frequently visit her at her home, sometimes even spending the night. Their shared passion for football further solidified their bond, with Kiptum being a dedicated Chelsea fan while Edna cheered for Manchester United.

Reflecting on the past, Edna lightened the mood by recounting a memorable moment when Kiptum teased her mercilessly after Manchester United suffered a 7-goal defeat against Liverpool. It remains etched in her memory as a lighthearted instance in their relationship.

Edna openly expressed her deep sense of loss since Kiptum’s demise. The absence of his warmth in bed and the chilling loneliness of the night have left a void that seems insurmountable. She reminisces about the intimate moments they shared and the comforting gestures that couples engage in.

Amidst the grief, Edna acknowledged that she is not considering marriage in the near future. Her immediate focus is on pursuing education, and she contemplates the possibility of marriage only in the distant future. The memory of Kiptum will linger, and Edna’s heart is set on honoring his memory as she navigates her life ahead.