Famous and Unhappy Flaqo opens up on his struggle with mental problems

If you’re a fan of Kenyan comedy, you might have noticed the absence of the renowned comedian Flaqo. After a lengthy hiatus, we finally caught up with the witty creator, who opened up about his year-long break from the entertainment industry.

Flaqo, a popular YouTube creator, explained that he needed to take a step back to rediscover himself and resist the pressures of social media that often burden celebrities.

He candidly shared his struggle with mental health issues during the peak of his career. Flaqo revealed that while preparing his skits, where he plays multiple characters simultaneously, he developed a condition that made him feel as though he was bipolar. This realization came after a grueling 72-hour shoot without rest.

“By the time I was finishing this shoot, I felt bipolar. It was something I had never experienced before because I had never shot like that,” Flaqo confessed.

He also mentioned that he reached out to Bien of Sauti Sol, who offered him a therapist. However, Flaqo ultimately did not attend the therapy sessions.